Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Chat Facebook Menggunakan Chit Chat for Facebook

Chit Chat for Facebook adalah aplikasi messenger yang bisa digunakan sebagai
aplikasi chat di facebook tanpa harus membuka situsnya. Chit Chat menghubungkan ke Facebook Chat dan menghilangkan kebutuhan untuk menggunakan web-browser to talk melalui Facebook Chat. 

Benefits of Chit Chat for Facebook
  • Fun and Free - Convenient and fun way to chat with your Facebook contacts without the hassle of surfing Facebook 
  • Free Your Web-Browser - No need to keep your web browser logged into Facebook
  • Easy To Use - Download, install and then login with your Facebook username and password - easy!
  • Popular? - Swift and fast tabbed chat Interface making it easy to talk with many Facebook friends at once
  • Instant Message Notification - Lets you know when you receive an instant message.



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